Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Estoy enfermo

Well, I hate that I haven't been able to post more frequently, but unfortunately I've become quite ill. We've been doing so much and I've wanted to write about it every night but if I don't sleep, I'll never get better. For the worriers out there, tranquilo! Haha, that's one my favorite words here essentially meaning "no worries." It's nothing serious, just a really bad cold. I usually can fight these off rather easily but something about my complete lack of sleep and presence in a foreign country has apparently made it difficult. Nonetheless, I will write an update as soon as possible! I do want to thank everyone again for their emails though! I probably will end every post with this, but that's ok! I just love to hear from everyone so much!

Alright, well it's off to bed for me. Feel free to email me with any questions or you can make comments directly on the blog for everyone to see. That's really helpful sometimes because then others can learn from your reactions as well!

Okay, I'm getting tempted to start talking about everything I've been doing and how amazing it's been so I better stop now, lol. Beunas noches!

P.S. Okay, well I can at least post a new picture, although the explanation will have to wait until next time. Hopefully the suspense will keep you coming back for more, haha.

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